Welcome to my office! As a certified hypnotherapist and coach, I provide for hypnotherapy sessions in English, in Paris (in the 7th and 11th arrondissement). 

Dare to change and choose hypnotherapy to enhance your wellbeing.

What is « hypnotherapy »? 

Hypnotherapy designates a set of techniques used to reach an “altered state of consciousness” in order to mobilize your inner ressources necessary to enhance your wellbeing. We all experience such state of consciousness several times a day, when we are so absorbed in a movie, music, a conversation or any other situation, that we forget there is an outside world.

For yoga and meditation lovers as I am, the hypnotic state is very similar to a profound meditative state. Therefore the hypnotic trance state is absolutely neutral and accessible to all.

What are the uses of “therapeutic hypnosis” or “hypnotherapy”?

Hypnotherapy treats… You heal.

Therapeutic hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a form of brief therapy, which is efficient to generate wellbeing and changes. Like in any other form of therapy, I rely on a broad spectrum of verified and documented tools and techniques (such as Ericksonian hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)) I learned to master during my professional training. I use processes and suggestions to allow you to live any difficult situation from a different angle. Experiencing such perspective enables you to activate your own psychic and physical resources, to achieve changes and improve your health.

What can hypnotherapy help treating? 

The application fields of therapeutic hypnosis are numerous. The most common requests are:

“I want: To quit smoking! To free myself from addictions! To get slim or to change my eating habits! To manage my anxiety! To get rid of my phobia! To treat chronic pains! To regain self-confidence! To support my child in his/her personal development! » And the list goes on.There is more to my practice as I also offer coaching with hypnosis. For all possible applications, please refer to the list of frequent applications below.

How many sessions do I need? 

Usually, hypnotherapy will help you efficiently manage your trouble and enhance your wellbeing over 3 to 7 sessions. Each session should take place 7 to 15 days maximum apart from one another in order to achieve long-lasting results.

Price per session is 90 euros (in cash or bank check – no credit card accepted).

About me… 

I am a certified hypnotherapist (from IFHT Metamorph in Paris), profesionnal and life coach (from the Institut de Coaching International in Geneva) and yoga teacher (from Durga’s Tiger Dance School in Quito). You can access my diplomas right here. These certificates ensure I have attended long-term and in-depth professional trainings in these two fields, and that I am qualified to accompany you on your path to self-improvement, both from a theoretical and practical standpoint. As I am passionate about yoga, meditation and dance, my practice of hypnotherapy is inspired by the benefits of synchronizing body and mind. I support you in restoring the energy you need to flow. A French hypnotherapist with an international mindset…

As you understood, this page is dedicated to those of you who want to experience hypnotherapy in English in Paris, with a French hypnotherapist who has an international mindset.To make a long story short: I was born in a multi-cultural family. My parents immigrated in France when they turned 30 following an adventurous encounter in Colombia – my mother from Taiwan, my father from Morocco. No wonder I have always felt the urge to travel around the world and experienced living abroad in various countries including China, the U.S.A. and Ecuador!

I speak four languages and have been working, traveling and volunteering in 33 countries so far. I am always thrilled to get an opportunity to build bridges between cultures whether I am sitting at a negotiation table, discovering new places off the beaten paths or accompanying people from all over the world as a hypnotherapist and coach. Please feel free to call me for any information. (This will also be a good opportunity to find out if you can bear my French accent!)

* Frequent Applications:

Hypnosis Therapy: Quit-Smoking, Addiction Treatment, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Sexuality, Phobia, Pains and Allergies, Engaging Young Children

Hypnosis Coaching: Achieving Goals, Self-Confidence, Law of Attraction